About Calico's

Here's Our Story

Hi! I’m Erica and I am the owner here at Calico’s!

 I am 31 and married to my high school sweetheart, Bryan! Calico's Grove Boutique is an online women’s clothing store that is based out of Davenport, Florida. If you don't know where that is, we like to tell everyone we live right around the corner from near Disney World!
The inspiration for this boutique started in a small apartment in the small town of Oxford, MS in 2015. The passion I had for clothing, shoes, accessories, and more started at an early age. I had so much fun every day putting together outfits for school and weekend activities with friends but never really took the time to think of making something out of it. My friends would tease me because I never liked to wear the same outfit more than once throughout the school year (oh...how things have changed now since I have my own bills and have to buy my own clothes lol!)
I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice but soon came to realize that wasn't my true calling. When we moved to Oxford in 2015 due to Bryan attending Grad School at Ole Miss (hotty toddy!), my attention was immediately drawn to the style I would see ladies wearing around the town. Whether it be at the sporting events, brunch, shopping with the girls, or just out running errands, every woman always seemed put together and ready for the day! That adorable southern style and small town boutique feel truly inspired me and I finally found what I was meant to do.
The name of the boutique is special to my husband and I. Not much thought had to go into this part because I knew immediately what I wanted to name it. "Calico's" derived from my best four legged friend, Cali, who is a calico cat. She brings so much joy to us and we couldn't imagine life without her. She is our little princess and pretty much runs the house. We joke and say that she is actually the CEO of this boutique, not me. The second part of our name, "Grove" was an addition in 2021. We wanted to protect the "Calico's" name and in order to do that, we had to have an additional word. We chose Grove since it also has a special meaning and ties into where it all started. The Grove in Oxford, MS is a very well known spot on the campus of Ole Miss. If you don't know, it is the tailgating spot before the football games and is about 10 acres in size filled with beautiful trees (magnolia being one of them--hence our logo). With the Grove addition to our name, we were able to get U.S. Trademarked as "Calico's Grove Boutique"!
My husband, Bryan, is the brains behind our gorgeous website, photographs, graphics, and so much more you see. He has been my biggest supporter along with my Mom. Every package, note, photo, and more that you see is personally done by us with a lot of love knowing that you are supporting my dream! I LITERALLY do a happy dance every time an order comes through. Together, we are watching this dream become a reality each day as the boutique grows!
With all that being said, (thank you so much if you have made it this far) we know how expensive quality boutique clothing can be. My mom and I pick out everything ourselves from trusted brands and bring them to you at the most affordable prices we can! As far as our style goes, we like to say that you don’t always have to wear the brightest colors to stand out in the crowd! Unique, trendy pieces that you can't always find at the big department stores up the road are what we look for.
At Calico’s we focus on comfy, casual, and trendy pieces for the everyday woman and love a more muted palette. Don’t get me wrong though, everyone loves a pop of color here and there!
I am always here to talk! We are real people who want to bring you an AMAZING shopping experience. Message me with any questions, comments, or concerns, whether it be fashion related, Disney related, or animal related! Don't forget to join our VIP group and follow us on Instagram/@shopcalicosgrove.
Happy shopping everyone!
-Erica Lockhart-